starting February 2015

Wanderlust 200/400 hour

(an alignment based vinyasa training)

Pranam has paired up with the Wanderlust brand, and brings their brilliant 200/400 hour curriculum to Omaha.

The Wanderlust Teacher Training program is for experienced yogis and genuinely curious practitioners alike. Whether you want to become a yoga teacher or to deepen your practice – this is an opportunity for you to join a community committed to self-discovery and personal transformation. Our Teacher Training offers direct, ongoing access to outstanding mentors and guest scholars. You will receive a 400 hour certificate from Wanderlust/Pranam, and can use 200 of this to get your Yoga Alliance 200 hour certificate.

One weekend per month for 8 months, starting February 2015. 
 to get in touch with your lead mentor, Libba Harmon, inquire here
to apply and check out Wanderlust's online info, click here

a 50 hour continuing education experience

This 50-hour continuing education training will get your creative juices flowing on the curve to understanding some useful ways to design and skillfully lead a vinyasa class. While there are many handy tricks of the trade and helpful formulas to share, this series also encourages the cultivation of your own personal heart-centered style of teaching. 

Emphasis is on sequencing, cueing, theming, fun, practical exercises, hands-on adjustments and loads of geeking out. An integral component of this training is plenty of practice-teaching, along with supportive and loving critique.

All teaching levels welcome. There is a short and friendly interview required to be accepted into this training.

(four weekends)
February  7 & 8  
March  7 & 8
April 4 & 5
May 2 & 3

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